Saturday, September 4, 2010

Kenny Smith: Master Of Puppets, and R.I.P. Jason Gunn

Listening to: The Sword, 'Warp Riders'

Another short update, this time we have some WIP puppets and style frames from talented Wellington new media designer/animator Kenny Smith. I've got to say, that mermaid puppet is one of the hottest puppets i have seen this year, and I frequently troll the net for sexy puppets. So I should know.
Check out more of Kenny's work:

On a less erotic note, we at Eye-Scream want to give our sympathy to all the victims of the Christchurch earthquake, especially the renowned entertainer Jason Gunn. Mr Gunn, as we all now know, was crushed by a unbracketed 'Gunge' machine during the earthquake, which measured 7.3 on the Richter scale. Our condolences to Thingy and their children. You are all in our prayers.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Intro Animatic etc. etc. etc.

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Listening to: Crystal Antlers, "Tentacles" 

Greetings from oblivion! It's sunny here.

Just thought I would quickly post a rough version of the intro animatic, with initial sound by the talented and handsome Tere Goodwin and David Rive. Nice work, fellas!

Got some real exciting news coming up, stay tuned! Keep the faith.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

How to make 3D glasses.

How to make 3D glasses

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An easy step-by-step instructional guide for the everyday Joe Bloggseses, the lowest common denominators, the salts of the earths, the everymans, middle New Zealanders, the broadest markets possible, the common peoples, Joe six packs, the bloody good buggerers, the southern mans, the great unwashed, the blue collars, the no collars, dummies, and idiots.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Eye-Scream Intro style framezzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Listening to: Zola Jesus, 'Stridulum'

A quick update, showing our intro design progress. The 30-second animatic is locked, and we may upload this sometime for your scrutiny. The top image details a synth-pop stage show courtesy of Wade Cowin, and the bottom is some re-imagined pong foreplay from Jacesun Howden.

We are currently bursting at the seams with outlandish, hilarious and plain awesome ideas for the series, enough to keep it going long after Coro Street slips in the shower. But we are always keen to hear new ideas from talented Kiwi  Writers, Directors, Animators, or mixed-media savants. Drop us a line at and we will send you our manifesto detailing what we are after.

Love to you all.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Character Designs! 8-bit goooodness.

Listening to Leonard Cohen, The Future.

Some amazing character designs from Eye-Screamer William Littlejohn, featuring some heroes and nefarious looking villains from his upcoming 8-bit inspired segment! Awesomtacular stuff, Will!

It's been an insanely busy week here at Eye-Scream. We are currently designing an intro sequence, something that captures the pace, mood and ethos of Eye-Scream in 30secs. I have to say, it's looking very rad! The more designs, submissions and scripts I see the more inspired I am about the pool of talent that has surrounded the project.

Also, Eye-Scream may be featuring brain-melting 3Dimensional content, so here is a step-by-step guide to get your sticky mitts on some 3D specs without spending a quid!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bid on the Shiz!

Listening to: Converge, On My Shield

Check out this sweet concept art from Eye-Screamer Animator/Illustrator Wade Cowin. Wade has kindly donated the original sketch to help fund Eye-Scream. Go to and support Eye-Scream, while owning what is sure to be a part of New Zealand Television history!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Words of destiny

Listening to: Baroness, Blue Record

Progress bars are flying along here at Eye-Scream HQ, with animatics, scripts, love-letters and offers of mail order brides choking our inbox. Eye-Screamer Howden, J. has just submitted a screenplay full of drama, action, 'splosions, orange furry things and epic Gat licks. We had to blur some words to protect the innocent, but we can reveal that it's written in 12pt courier font, black-on white, and mostly in english.

Thanks for all of the positive feedback and support over the last few months. We can't wait to reveal more about the project, the people and the potential. Keep an eye on the 'Babby Birthing' in the side bar, counting down to a very special announcement.

And most of all, Eye-Scream belongs to you! Pet and fed it.