Monday, July 19, 2010

El Quebracho: Day labourer extraordinaire!

Listening to: The Klaxons, Myths Of The Near Future

El Quebracho is mache-ing like his life depends on it (and it does, because we won't feed him otherwise)!

These shots were taken with a special high-shutter speed camera, as most cameras are unable to capture El Quebracho's lighting fast movement and just produce a blurry mess of limbs, streaks, sweat and tacos.

Before you ask-no, the digital blur around the South Islander's face isn't present because he was accused of some unnatural love affair betwixt man and sheep-those rumours were mostly unfounded. We had to blur the Pro-Wrestler's face because his skull mask came off in the craft-frenzy.

If anyone wants to see a video of El Quebracho wrestling a chair, please tell us. We are trying to convince him, but he is bashful, and needs your encouragement. C'mon peeps-that chair won't wrestle itself!!!

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