Monday, July 19, 2010

El Quebracho vs Paper! In phantasmagorial 3D!!!!!

Listening to: Kill Bill Vol. 01

Thanks to everybody for the outpouring of support for our South Island pro-wrestling intern, the mighty El Quebracho! The southern-strongman sends his love (at least, that's what I think was saying).

El Quebracho is busy tearing ream upon ream of paper apart with his bare hands, in a paper-mache frenzy that is sure to anger environmentalists across New Zealand.

Many people have contacted us pleading for information on how to view El Quebracho's exciting pics in their full 3D goodness. Never fear folks, we are currently preparing an instructional video detailing how to make your own 3D glasses, presented by the five-time Southern Wresting Federation (S.W.F.) champion- El Quebracho himself! And maybe he will even show us his signature move-the deadly Joto-gota (neck-drop)!

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